Future Of Indian Muslims

Sangpariwar and its supporters believe that the genocide of Muslims in India is a natural turn of the cycle of history. Some centuries ago Muslims carried our genocide of Hindus during their rule. Now it is Hindus’ turn to pay them in the same coin.

They say that the Muslims of the subcontinent got their homeland, Pakistan. There was transfer of populations. So they have no right to live in India. They also say that Muslims are foreigners and have no right to be in India. They should convert to Hinduism or quit or face annihilation.

Muslims never carried our genocide of Hindus during their rule. The battles in India were fought mostly among the Muslim contenders for power. Had the Muslim rulers pursued such a policy, the Hindus would not have been in an overwhelming majority (more than 85 per cent) in and around Delhi and UP, which were the centers of power and influence of the Muslim rulers.

The fact is that Hindus as well as Muslims both are foreigners to India. The original Indians were massacred by Aryans/Hindus when they arrived in India and the remnants were driven away to south and east and terrorized into conversion to Hinduism.

Later, the Buddhists and jains met the same fate at the hands of the Hindus and were annihilated. But Muslims proved a hard nut to crack. They are as genuine Indians as Hindus. They with the Hindus rendered great services and sacrifices for the independence of India.

When Hindus rejected the minimum just demands of Muslims for co-existence, the Indian Muslims demanded Pakistan (a separate homeland), comprising six provinces (Bengal, Assam, Punjab, Sindh, the NWFP and Balochistan), but they were given a truncated and moth-eaten Pakistan, consisting of halves of Bengal and Punjab, one district of Assam, Sindh, the NWFP and Balochistan. So their demand was partially met. Only 2/3 remained Indian citizens. No transfer of minorities was envisaged in the partition plan nor in the Indian Independence Act.

Sangpariwar seems to have been emboldened by the anti-Muslim scenario that has emerged following the 9/11 incidents. This state of affairs will not last long. Farsighted people in the West are realizing its grave consequences. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Muslims constitute more than one-fifth of the human race. They live in all the continents of the globe in large numbers. They are beginning to realize and unite for the preservation of their human rights. The Indian Muslims are brave, industrious, loyal and bonafide citizens of India. They have the human right to strive politically for the achievement of their rights with other minorities (Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, etc.) on one platform.

By Khwaja Muhammad Bashir Butt
The Dawn, Karachi
January 10, 2003